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PTT Tracking
Product Overview

PTT Bird Tracking Product Overview

GeoTrak’s Bird Borne PTT's (Platform Transmitter Terminal) offer long operational life, high location accuracy, programmable duty cycles with multiple seasons, integrated sensors, and package sizes ranging from 9.5-110 grams. GPS PTTs are available from 22 grams on up, in solar and primary battery models. Conventional VHF transmitters can be incorporated into the package, if desired.

Solar PTT Device

Solar PTT's

Solar powered PTT's are equipped with a high efficiency solar array & rechargeable battery allowing for smaller sizes, lighter weights and longer operational lifetimes.

5g Solar PTT » 12g Solar PTT »
8.5g Solar PTT » 16g Solar PTT »
9.5g Solar PTT » 23g Solar PTT »
11g Solar PTT » 55g Solar PTT »

Solar GPS PTT Device

Solar GPS PTT's

Solar powered GPS PTT's offer all the benefits of solar PTT's with the addition of highly accurate GPS positions with customizable, user defined acquisition schedules.

12g Solar GPS PTT »
22g Solar GPS PTT »
30g Solar GPS PTT »
40g Solar GPS PTT »
65g Solar GPS PTT »

Battery PTT Device

Battery PTT's

PTT's powered by primary lithium batteries that are suitable for birds in which the species behavior, habitat, geographic region & other factors are not optimal for solar powered devices.

20g Battery PTT »
30g Battery PTT »
80g Battery PTT »

Battery GPS PTT Device

Battery GPS PTT's

GPS enabled battery-powered PTT's with customizeable programming & duty cycles to extend the operational lifetime for multi-year studies.

70g Battery GPS PTT »
105g Battery GPS PTT »